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 All jewellery is hypoallergenic and Nickel-Free

Paua Jewellery

The intense colour of New Zealand Paua is only found in the seas around Aotearoa (New Zealand). Its vibrant shell makes it a much sought after souvenir of New Zealand. Crafted into jewellery using only premium shells, our designs work in harmony with Paua’s natural beauty.

With one of the most extensive natural and dyed paua jewellery ranges available, Aquarius Design remains a market leader in souvenir jewellery. Our own retail branding, in-house design studio and factory allows us to continually develop unique products and ensure our high quality standards are maintained.

About Paua

Paua is a species of Abalone [Haliotis Iris], which is a type of mollusc, unique to New Zealand. The meat is a local delicacy and the shell is mainly used for making jewellery. Paua is properly managed in a sustainable way using a quota system. Additionally the shell can only be caught by free diving and there are minimum size require­ments.

Gallery Range

The Gallery Range is our premium paua jewellery range and is the newest addition to our souvenir jewellery line. Crafted by specialist artisans in the Pacific using only the highest quality materials and designs inspired by modern art, the Gallery Range is aimed towards the discerning buyer who appreciates superb quality and stunning design.

This range has quickly gained popularity since its release. Beautifully presented, it's ideal for a special occasion or impressive gift.


We have a large range of hand carved designs made from Bone, from traditional Maori Carving styles to more contemporary designs. Our more traditional carvings all have a meaning behind their design, such as the Koru, meaning new life or the hei matau (more commonly known as the fish hook) symbolizing strength and prosperity.

In lieu of a written language, the pre-European Maori focused on both oral traditions and creative art forms adapted from their natural environment. Tribal history was passed on through forms of fine arts and crafts. One of which was carving Bone into pendants.

The jewellery is as popular with locals who identify with the designs as symbols of New Zealand as it is with overseas visitors.


Select from our diverse range of high quality yet affordable giftware products, our range has something for everyone, from cufflinks to polished paua shells and wine charms.

Our products are light and small, making them ideal for sending overseas or stowing in luggage, allowing visitors to take home a lasting memory of New Zealand.

Our giftware range is also ideal for unique corporate or promotional items.  Products can be branded with company logos, giving local and overseas clients a unique slice of New Zealand.

Aquarius Girl

Aimed at young kids, the sparkly pink packaging of Aquarius Girl is in itself a strong drawcard to the lucrative children’s fashion market. Combined with its range of fun, colourful and funky designs, Aquarius Girl is a popular, fast-moving brand.

Sterling Silver

This collection is beautifully hand-crafted combining the elegance of Paua and 925 Sterling Silver. Only the finest shell is used in these designs.

A timeless and distinct choice for the discerning buyer.